How can we win #TheWarOnPlastic?

Whether it be on the news, social media channels, shops or general conversations it's hard to get away from the topic of plastic. Many of us will also have seen the incredible Sir David Attenborough on the BBC's BluePlanet2 showing us the dramatic effect our plastic consumption has on marine life. Pretty shocking stuff.

Alongside these is an image which caught the attention of the world, June 2018's

cover of National Geographic.

It's incredible how a simple image can create such an impact. It represents so many things, but ultimately that most of us just see the tip of the plastic problem and that really it's much much bigger.

After speaking to many people to understand their views about this issue one thing is very clear, the problem can seem so big that individuals wonder, what difference can i really make?

Have you thought that? I know i have!

I recently started my own war on plastic, looking at ways to reduce the amount i use. I have to admit i thought it would be easy. Surely there can't have been that much in our house... right?!


Oh my gosh it is everywhere!!!!

This not so lovely pic is of our fortnightly recycling... yep two weeks! That's all it took for two people to create all of this, three bags and a tub full to the brim of plastic and one of cardboard.

Two weeks! Does yours look similar?

However, what really concerned me is that this is the tip of my plastic iceberg. As i walked around my little house i realised every room contained plastic products that would also end up in our giant recycling pile, or be thrown in the bin.

I knew then that to rid our lovely home of wasteful plastic products would take time and changes to my behaviour. Some might be easy and some less so, but the point is that i make them.

At first it was overwhelming to think about but being the organiser that i am, i decided to break the task down room by room.

I have begun in the kitchen, god knows why as this is potentially one of the hardest! But i do like a challenge.

So now i invite you to join me on this journey to win #TheWarOnPlastic one step at a time.

I will post blog updates to share my experiences and suggestions with you lovely bunch to hopefully take some of the pain out of your journey!

It would be great if you could share any hints, tips or experiences by commenting on the blogs, or if you'd really like to be a guest blogger get in touch!

So good luck on your journey, remember small changes are better than no change!

Mucho love!


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