Who gives a crap? ...about toilet roll

So it's just a fact of life that we all go to the loo and need to...well, keep things clean. Different cultures around the world use different methods for keeping their bits fresh, some use water sprays, their hands, wet wipes, reusable cloths, but the majority use toilet roll.

Like most people i would just add toilet roll to our monthly big shop and look for something soft and not too expensive. What i didn't give a second thought to is that the plastic wrapper it came in is not recycleable.

In my quest to be more eco friendly and look for green alternatives i started reading up about different types of products which were in my comfort zone... and stumbled across the hilariously named Who Gives A Crap.

This fab company make recycled and bamboo toilet paper, tissues and kitchen roll. But, not only are they saving trees they also donate 50% of their profits to building toilets in countries with poor sanitation... so good karma all round!

Did you just say bamboo toilet roll?!

Indeed i did, this wonderful plant is a much more eco friendly way to create toilet roll rather than using trees. Why, you ask?

  • It grows 30 times faster than trees

  • It produces 30 times more oxygen and absorbs 35 times more carbon than trees

  • It's a grass and doesn't require replanting after harvest

  • It's friendly on your skin, is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, odour resistant and hypo-allergic (mega!)

  • It also doesn't need de-inking agents or any other harsh chemicals such as BPA in the manufacturing process

So not only is it kinder to your skin but it's less harmful to the world, brilliant!

It all sounded too good to be true! So i ordered a trial box to check it out. Within the box you get each type of loo roll they make, kitchen roll and a box of tissues. It's a free box you just pay £3 postage.

I was very pleased to see no plastic at all, each roll is wrapped in paper, 100% recyclable and funky too!

Now i have to say i was very impressed with the quality of all of the products, however my faves were definitely the bamboo toilet roll and the boxes of tissues. They were both super soft and actually nicer than the stuff we normally buy!

I was sold on it. So I placed an order for the premium bamboo range and lots of tissues!

When the box arrived to my work it certainly was a talking point! Not only did it give everyone a giggle but also raised awareness for something which we wouldn't have normally talked about, win win!

Many were impressed by the fun designs, especially the individually wrapped rolls. Personally i love the messages on the tissue boxes. These simply reflect the brand which is making talking about eco products in a fun and positive way! Good job!

So by now i assume you have two questions, how do i get some? But also how much is it? You might assume it's mega expensive, but i'm happy to say that you'd be wrong! I compared the prices of the recycled and the premium toilet roll and each of them still worked out cheaper than the toilet roll we used to buy, Andrex 9 rolls for £4.50 typically when on offer.

If you are looking to switch the best way to compare prices is by price per 100 sheets as the Who Gives A Crap rolls are generally bigger than standard shop bought ones.

However, because i have bought from them before i have a code for you to get £5 off! Lucky you! Simply follow the link and select your products and the discount should be automatically applied. £5 off your first order

I love my new products as not only am i saving money, but there is no horrible non-recyclable plastic in my bin and it's helping others through the charity donations the company gives.

I'm sure there are other companies who offer products like these so it is about finding the best one to suit you. I'd love to hear what you think and any recommendations you have!

Hopefully you can soon ethically wipe your bums and noses too!


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