Small changes to make a big difference

Happy New Year everyone!

No doubt you will already have had some thoughts about how you want your 2020 to go. Perhaps like me you'd like to reduce your waste and be more eco friendly. But you may also be planning on getting fitter, decorating your home, having a baby, getting married, changing jobs.... gosh that's a lot!

With all of the goals and activities you may have going on, being more eco friendly can seem like an impossible challenge, one you may give up on very quickly.

So what if i told you that to be more eco friendly you don't have to change your entire way of living?

Does that sound good? Well have no fear because over the course of the year i'm here to help support you on that journey.

By making really simple small changes i promise that you can not only reduce the amount of waste you produce, but also save money and feel good without compromising your lifestyle.

So how do you start?

Well you'll be pleased to know that this isn't the point where i give you a link to buy a magical product which will solve your problems. In fact, quite the opposite i'd like you to start your journey by looking at what you already have.

Does that sounds strange? Bear with me...

I believe one of the biggest problems we face when trying to be eco friendly isn't necessarily what we buy, but the amount we buy and own. Perhaps you buy the same products every week from the supermarket even though your cupboards are half full. Or maybe you've bought lots of clothes in the sale over the festive period when you already have unworn clothes in your wardrobe.

These are just two simple examples of when we may be needlessly spending money and buying more than we need, ultimately leading to more waste as old items are thrown away.

So each month i will focus on a different topic and write a few blogs showcasing really simple ways you can make eco friendly changes. Since i've mentioned it already we will start January on food!

Keep up to date

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Happy saving!


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