Stockist Spotlight: Green Future Box

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

So Jon tell us about yourself...

Hi, I'm Jon, owner and founder of Green Future Box the eco friendly subscription box company. We are based in Crewe, Cheshire and deliver themed surprise boxes to our customers each month, full of eco friendly goodies, designed to help people live more. I play three different musical instruments including, drums, piano and guitar and love my winter sports especially skiing in the French Alps.

What inspired you to start Green Future Box?

We wanted to help other people live sustainably. Because it's not easy, we thought the best way to encourage others, would be to introduce people to different products and brands available, every single month.

Tell us about Green Future Box

You can buy pre-paid subscription boxes for yourself, for a friend or family member. We are always looking for innovative ideas and are very much looking forward to our new range coming soon of gift boxes for each room in your home, as well as boxes for those special occasions.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to reduce their waste?

We've all heard the phrase "its not about a handful of people doing plastic free perfectly, its about everyone doing something, even if it's imperfectly." No one is perfect, but every little helps.

In our boxes we also include eco friendly tips on how to use the products and what you might do to reduce your plastic waste.

What do you include in your subscription boxes?

Each month we provide a surprise range of specially selected products we believe will help people build a path for their eco journey.

Thanks Jon for taking part, we look forward to seeing what amazing eco products you have coming up in your upcoming monthly boxes!

You can subscribe for your monthly Green Future Box featuring Little Green Wood products on their website or follow them on social media;


Facebook Page: greenfuturebox

Instagram: @green_future_box

Twitter: GreenFutureBox

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