Stockist Spotlight: Mingalo

So Kerri tell us a little about yourself...

Hi, I am Kerri Dalling, I live in Reading with my other half and our little girl who is nearly 3. I am expecting another girl in April and this has been the main catalyst for setting up my own business. I am a chartered accountant by trade but over recent years I have wanted to be able to work from home to be able to enjoy family life a bit more.

I decided to go into the plastic free, zero waste space as I am far more passionate about creating a better future for my children and leading a more sustainable lifestyle than I am accounting! I drive my other half crazy with all the changes I make round the house to reduce our waste and move to natural products, but since having children I have become so much more aware of the chemicals that are in products and the effect they have on your body.

Outside of work and running around after a toddler and family time I enjoy running, yoga, reading and travelling.

What inspired you to start Mingalo?

I am very passionate about trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle but it's very hard to know where to start and can feel overwhelming and off-putting. I started by making small easy changes such as switching to bamboo toothbrushes and solid shampoo. The changes made me feel good about what I was putting into the environment but also what I was putting on myself. I wanted to be able to help others make small changes and change the way people view sustainable living. You can still have high quality lovely smelling products to pamper yourself with and not feel guilty about the wider impact.

Tell us about Mingalo

I set up at the start of 2020, although I had been toying with the idea for a year or so beforehand. It's purely online for now although I do want to branch out to trade stands in the future and maybe one day have my own physical shop. I currently offer plastic free, all natural toiletries. I aim to source all products from the UK and focus on small independent business. I want to make it easy for people to switch to plastic free alternatives as well as lowering carbon footprint, by offering high quality products at reasonable prices. I plan on broadening product ranges over the next few months including baby products, home products and male grooming products.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to reduce their waste?

Start with small easy changes, such as switching to glass bottle milk delivery, switching to solid shampoo or buying second hand rather than brand new. Join a zero waste group on Facebook where you can ask questions and get great advice on simple things you can do. Once you start it get's addictive!

Local buy nothing/second hand FB groups have been set up and are really popular. There still seems to be a big focus on recycle, which is great but more focus on reducing waste and reusing is where we need to head towards.

At the moment I try to encourage change through social media posts. I am looking to start a tips and tricks section on my website as well as a regular newsletters (via email).

What are your most popular products?

Face cleansers and reusable wipes are the most popular products and most recent requests have been for reusable baby wipes and baby friendly products.

I love the Little Green Wood Soft and scrub face wipes, I love the designs and the quality of the product. I also love that they are handmade and no 2 are the same!

Thanks Kerri for taking part, we look forward to seeing your range expand over the coming months and of course baby pictures when she arrives!

You can get your Little Green Wood wipes and many other amazing items from Mingalo by following the below links


Facebook/Instagram: @mingalolife

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