Stockist Spotlight: The Bishy Weigh

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

So Alice tell us a little about yourself...

Hi I'm Alice and I live with my partner, Chris, in York's South Bank. I really enjoy walks in the woods and baking for fun and for my other business, White Rose Bakes.

What inspired you to open The Bishy Weigh?

I was trying to make my lifestyle greener but became frustrated by how difficult it was to avoid plastic food packaging. I spotted the opportunity to add to the family of gorgeous independent shops on Bishy Road in York and help to make plastic free shopping more wide-ranging and accessible.

Tell us about The Bishy Weigh

We offer hundreds of ingredients, household goods, toiletries, homewares and gifts geared towards a greener lifestyle. Products are sold by weight (helping to reduce food waste) and customers are welcome to bring their own containers to refill or buy new ones in store or use paper bags (helping reduce plastic waste).

I'm so pleased that our customers have been pleasantly surprised about how easy it is to make a few green swaps. I'm so grateful to them that The Bishy Weigh has become part of their routine, and that we keep seeing new people too, just starting their eco journey.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to reduce their waste?

Start with one or two things that will be easy for you. Once that becomes an easy part of your routine, introduce a couple more little green changes, and so on. Every little reduction helps!

What are your most popular products?

Oats, pasta, laundry liquid and washing up liquid! There isn't much we get asked for now that we don't have available in bulk, but we're always on the look out for interesting ingredients or food trends.

Our Little Green Wood make-up wipes are popular too, they're such good quality fabrics, so useful, and hard-wearing!

Thanks Alice for taking part, we appreciate the support you have given to the local York community to help people make sustainable changes.

You can get your Little Green Wood wipes and many other amazing items (include Alice's delicious cakes) at The Bishy Weigh.

Shop: The Bishy Weigh, 1 Bishopthorpe Road, York, YO23 1NA


Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @TheBishyWeigh

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