Stockist Spotlight: TMG (Thoroughly Modern Grandma)

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

So Frankie tell us a little about yourself...

Hi, I’m Francesca but everyone calls me Frankie. I’m married to Mr J, a freelance Consultant Engineer, who’s put up with me for over 40 years! We have one daughter Gemma (G) and three grandsons.

I love being a Grandma and we spend as much time as possible with our three grandsons but still manage to find plenty of time to travel in our camper van Gracie and indulge in our passion for food and wine.

Although I’m certainly no Eco Warrior I am also trying to reduce our waste and be a little kinder to our Planet.

What inspired you to start Thoroughly Modern Grandma?

In December 2017 I retired from Transport for London where I had worked as Chief Planning & Reporting Accountant for the past 24 years. I needed to transition from busy well organised work life to my new found freedom, that's when i started my blog – “Thoroughly Modern Grandma.”

From this I was asked to be an Ambassador Blogger for Zero Waste Week, I didn’t hesitate, and happily took on the role. To coincide with this I decided to run a pop-up shop at our village Fete . I came across so many passionate people making wonderful handmade products in the UK that could help us to reduce our reliance on single use plastics and disposables. I fell in love with all the products and it was then that I decided to set up my Online Zero Waste Shop. I wanted to be able to share them and help make them available to more people who were also trying to change and reduce unnecessary waste.

Tell us about Thoroughly Modern Grandma

I launched the online shop in 2018 after doing a couple of local pop ups. I stock a range of low waste / plastic free goods and try where possible to source as many from small handmade UK based businesses.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to reduce their waste?

Waste reduction changes are definitely gaining momentum. We've had a couple of refill shops open locally, shops are now encouraging customers to bring their own containers so try it out. We also have a local Sustainability Group that has just formed, perhaps there is one near you to join?

Start small. Simple changes such as those I mention in my weekly blog and my monthly Zero Waste Challenge running monthly through 2020 can make a big difference.

What are your most popular products?

Denttab toothpaste tabs, I have orders for them from all over the World!

Thanks Frankie for taking part. I strongly encourage you to follow Frankie's blog, the tips really are great!

You can get your Little Green Wood wipes and see Frankie's fab blogs using the below links;


Facebook Page: @thoroughlymoderngrandma

Instagram: @thoroughlymoderngrandma

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