The real cost of convenience: Single use wipes vs. re-useables

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Before i started my waste reduction journey i had never even considered the impact that my make-up wipes were having... other than arguments with my fella about me not emptying the bedroom bin! I would simply add them to my shopping basket a few times a month (or when they were on offer!) and use two a day.

It was only when i saw a news report discussing how these convenient wipes are the biggest cause of sewer blockages and the staggering amount sent to landfill each year, that i really thought about it. How many wipes was i really using?

Now two a day didn't feel like a lot, but when you add that up over the year it's 730, 29 packs of wipes! eek! Not only is that a lot of waste but also expensive! At £2.79 a pack on average it was costing me nearly £80 a year just to wipe my face. That would pay for another trip to the amazing Centre Parcs spa i visited this year! And i could really do with another trip!

The Centre Parcs spa i visited this year! So lovely!

So if you're anything like me you'll now be thinking what you might spend £80 on every year, and i bet it's not disposable make-up wipes!

This is one of the reasons that i started Little Green Wood, to make products which don't cost the earth! All of our products are re-useable which not only means no waste but also no constant spending woohoo!

We have a wide range of affordable, stylish and high quality re-useable wipes. Our sample packs are great to help decide which ones are best for you.

But how do you use them?

It's sooo simple...

  1. Put a little blob of your favoured skin cleanser onto the wipe - this could be anything including soap, micellar water or coconut oil

  2. Give your face a good wipe

  3. Once used, pop the wipes into a washbag and throw in the washing machine with the rest of your washing or handwash

  4. Then simply air dry and use again!

Still thinking about disposable wipes?

If you're still thinking i can't live without my wet wipes including ones to remove make-up or clean your bathroom/kitchen/kids... please please please do not flush them down the loo! They are not flushable (whatever the pack tells you!) so if you must use these wipes put them in your rubbish bin.

Fancy trying re-useable wipes?

Woohoo! So pleased you do! We have a wide range on our website for you to choose from ( But if you are still unsure where to start or have any questions please get in touch via social media or email us at and we'd be more than happy to help.

Cat x

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