Welcome to Little Green Wood

I'm Cat and Little Green Wood is a site born out of my own frustrations in life with work, stress, finances, health issues and wastefullness.

Post 30 I had a very dramatic life change and realised my lifestyle wasn't good for my mental or physical wellbeing, finances or relationships. It was time for a change.

Following this i began searching for ways to improve my lifestyle and attitude towards everyday life stresses. I was actually surprised how difficult this was! It pretty much became a challenge of wading through unrealistic advice, countless sales pitches and lots people who apparently never make a mistake. It was exhausting!

After speaking with my lovely fella, friends and family it seemed i wasn't the only one experiencing these issues. Why was it so hard to get simple advice from someone who doesn't have millions of £ in the bank and an Instagram obsessive lifestyle?! With that Little Green Wood was born.

So what can you expect? Tried and tested, realistic no-nonsense info to deal with a range of life's issues;

- Ways to relax (something i find hard to do!)

- Stress, the triggers and coping mechanisms

- Money saving ideas

- Ways to de-clutter your life

- Simple swaps to be less wasteful

- Tips on being more environmentally friendly (without having to become a hippy!)

- And so much more!

So welcome to Little Green Wood, i hope you find the info helpful!

Please do comment on the blogs, share your story and your tips, they could help others to live a little better

Mucho love


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