Why are your wipes square not round?How we stop fabric waste...

A question i am frequently asked is why are your wipes square and not round like others?

The answer is simple, to reduce fabric waste. When making the amount of wipes i do within a year, even just saving a tiny piece of fabric per wipe soon adds up!

The small amount of waste made all gets bundled together to make other products or things. The first item was a very special teddy bear for Freddie made from my dad's clothes. My dad sadly passed away before Freddie was born so i wanted something special to give to him from his grandad. It was made by the wonderful Sugarpuff and Porter in York who make the most beautiful memory teddies. Mrs P kindly used offcuts of cotton fleece for the penguins face and also random offcuts for stuffing.

Alongside creating less waste you also get more wipe! So it's a win win!

This is just one of the many things that I consciously think of when creating products, to ensure there is as little waste as possible and how that waste can be repurposed.

Cat x

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