Unpaper Towels - 1 side Cotton Flannel, 1 side Cotton Towelling

5 pack RRP £15

20cm X 20cm 


Bulk discounts

1-19 £8.50 | 20-29 £8.45 | 30+ £8.40


Use to clean up spillages in the kitchen, mucky floors, dusty sideboards, pets paws, wipe down your bathroo or clean baby's bums/faces/hands...anything you need!


Simply use them as you need and throw them in the wash, line dry and use again and again.


Wipes are not pre-washed, expect some shrinkage. Wipes will become more absorbent the more they are washed. 

(WS) Unpaper Towels - Cotton Flannel & Cotton Towelling (5pack)